Practice Areas
  • Federal and State White Collar Criminal Defense
  • Federal and State Complex Civil Litigation
  • Federal, State and Local Administrative Proceedings
  • Internal Investigations
  • Actions on Behalf of Governmental Entities
  • Qui Tam (False Claims Act) and Other Whistleblower Actions

Engagement Process

To ensure that Isaacs Friedberg is the right counsel for a prospective client, we are selective in the cases we take.  Our goal is to understand a client's ultimate objectives, assess the merits of a case and the implications of possible outcomes, and to be in a position to provide a client with meaningful advice and guidance.

Complex cases frequently raise special issues, such as unusual legal questions and procedures, balancing the competing concerns inherent in parallel criminal and civil litigation, establishing proper joint defense relationships and ensuring that applicable privileges and protections are asserted and preserved in a variety of forums.  Our attorneys are experienced at navigating such complexities within the context of meeting a client's objectives and providing careful analysis, candid assessments and focused advice.

The firm’s engagement with a prospective client begins with a no-cost initial meeting.  We evaluate the type of proceedings involved and assess the collateral consequences associated with both the immediate proceeding and potential outcomes.  The impact of collateral consequences can be far-reaching and may include reputational and financial harm, loss of civil rights, licensing, employment, disclosure and immigration issues, collateral litigation and regulatory proceedings, and financial and tax implications. The firm's breadth of experience makes it adept at assessing and advising clients regarding such important, but often overlooked, consequences.


We are proud of the diversity among our associates and paraprofessionals, and of our recruitment policy that supports our commitment to a practice unencumbered by arbitrary or short-sighted limitations. Ultimately, we share one commonality – a passion for excellence in the practice of law.

The firm is enriched by the broad spectrum of nationalities and legal and life experiences reflected in our attorneys and legal staff. Over the course of their careers, our attorneys have acquired backgrounds in communications, public relations, healthcare and public interest law, and have served as federal prosecutors, district and city attorneys and public interest lawyers.

Controlling Fees & Costs

Legal representation, especially through trial, is expensive.  The process can quickly become cost-prohibitive when counsel lacks the experience or capacity to control costs.  When legal fees – rather than effective representation – becomes the deciding factor, the outcome of a lawsuit or defense of a prosecution can be compromised.  We understand that to maintain the greatest control over the outcome of a case, costs must be carefully monitored and controlled.

Our success in the courtroom is driven by the strategic management of a case, from both the legal and financial standpoint.  Extensive trial and broad litigation experience is what makes the difference.

Clients are assured of transparency in billing, receiving a detailed invoice that has been carefully reviewed by the managing attorney, use of an efficient tiered structure of attorneys and options for a fee structure based on the type of matter, including, when appropriate for the client, fixed fee, contingency fee, or partial contingency fee arrangements.

Publicity & Privacy Issues

The firm is adept at protecting client privacy and discretely handling sensitive matters through properly managed media relations.  When appropriate, we engage or collaborate with seasoned public relations professionals to maximize the benefits or minimize the consequences of media attention.

When media attention is focused on the courtroom, unwanted scrutiny and unwelcomed intrusions can occur.  Our attorneys are experienced in making, and keeping, high-profile cases low-profile. Occasionally, media coverage of a high-profile case can play an important role in managing or meeting a client's objectives.  Knowing how to manage the media in the client's best interest is a skill few law firms possess.  We understand the power of the media, as well as the mechanics of the news-making system.  First and foremost, the firm is aligned with the objectives of our clients.  Media opportunities are neverexploited for the firm's own promotional purposes. Our goal always remains the same: to successfully represent the interests of our clients.